May 23, 2011

Apple doesn't fall far...

Ben and I have always had this weird relationship where we sometimes respond to each other with funny quotes from our favorite movies. I think we've passed that trait down to Kingston. Yesterday Kingston would not leave the TV alone, well he pretty much hasn't left it alone since he learned to crawl so Ben finally had to yell at him to try and get him to stop. Then Kingston turned around and yelled back "YOU...ARE...A...TOYYYY!!". Ben and I both burst out laughing and then realized he's been watching a little too much Toy Story.

A few moments ago Kingston was upstairs playing with his train table. He hollered down the stairs asking for some water. I told him "okay but come downstairs" and he said "okay but you better not laugh" which I'm assuming is from the intro to veggie tales when Bob tries to convince Larry to play the tuba.

I kind of needed a good laugh because it's been a hell of a weekend. We are trying to plan a trip to ihop in August and working the Jubilee parking this weekend was going to help us with the funds for that. I unfortunately got the plague (stomach virus) that has been going around on Friday night and after throwing up outside one time I knew I needed to go home. I don't think I've ever been so sick in my life and I've had morning sickness with both kids well into the second trimester. So there went that plan. I know if we're supposed to go we will but it was still a bummer.

I am thankfully feeling better today but Weston has been cryyying allll day. I can patiently deal with it but I'm not gonna lie, it sucks the life out of me and drains me physically to listen to it. Wish I knew what would help him. I think I know what part of the problem is. He loves Ben and misses him. As soon as he walks through the door at night he lights up and Ben can't understand what I'm ever talking about. But Mr. Weston...your stuck with your mom so your gonna have to get used to it!

And if you think of it, pray for my mom. I don't need to say why, just lift her up with the rest of your daily prayers. It's greatly appreciated!

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