Apr 27, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

I'm not sure if this makes me sound terrible but I find it hilarious when Kingston gets mad at Weston. This morning Kingston was playing with one of his trains and I was helping Weston sit up and every time the train would come around his way Weston would rip it off the track. hahaha and Kingston would yell "no wesson you can't do this". He would reset the train on the track and Weston would wait for it to come around again and pull it off.

I eventually made him stop but boy I can tell I'm going to be in for it once Weston is mobile. 

He is such a good big brother already though. We were at the park the other morning and weston was holding a toy sitting in his stroller when this little girl came up and took it from him. Weston didn't care but Kingston came running over from across the sand box and said "no it's wesson's" and then stood in front of the stroller to block the little girl from coming near him again. 

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