Apr 1, 2011


day 16- another picture of yourself - This is how I made dinner last night. Unfortunately Weston's 4pm bottle runs in to the time I need to start making dinner if he decides to take a longer nap and the moment he gets up you better feed that boy or he'll turn blue from screaming. So I put on the hotslings, made a bottle and finished dinner. It was a win win situation except for the back pain. I'm def not a pro "babywearer" 

I picked out the car seats I'm getting the boys. But I really want to find some coupons first. Graco snugride 35 for the westo bud and Graco nautilus for the king bear. I know we have silly nick names :)

I've decided to eliminate a few things from Kingston's diet that have red #40 and yellow #5 and #6 dyes to see if there could be any change in his behavior. I had a cousin who did this with her son with some good results. I know this isn't a proven fact that there is any link but what could it hurt right? Luckily I only had to remove a few things from the pantry but they are things kingston has multiple times a week and looking back his tantrums and hyperactivity really escalated when I introduced these foods around 18 months, but again it could have just been an age thing. I'll keep you posted!

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