Apr 5, 2011


day 20- someone you love - Well I could say that I love my husband and my sons which I do of course but I'd like to think of someone else since that is a given. I love my mom! Growing up I never thought we'd be as close as we are today since we didn't get along all that well. Other than my husband she is the closest person to me. Friends come and go more often than not it seems but she's always been there and done so much for me. She helped me plan my wedding, actually she pretty much planned it all. She has given me baby showers, helps out with buying the boys clothes every season, babysits multiple times a week, makes the whole family dinner every Sunday, would drop everything to help out any of us kids and loves us all unconditionally. Not a day goes by that she doesn't call just to see how I'm doing! I hope to be even half the mom she has been.

We have another person coming to see our house tomorrow. I'm gonna be cleaning like a crazy woman today!

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