Apr 20, 2011


I know I mentioned this before but during my pregnancy with kingston I had a belly book with a bunch of memories I wrote down, then I did a baby book and photo album filled with pictures of just him during his first year. I am determined to do the exact same thing for Weston but am falling a little behind. I'm going to get caught up this week. I've taken the pictures I just haven't printed them so here I am blogging while I wait for 80 photos to upload at walmart.com. I have pictures of my pregnancy and baby shower to put in the belly book and 5 months worth of pictures of Weston.

I've used Kingston's baby book as somewhat of a guide with Weston. I forgot when I started baby food, when he slept through the night consistently, got his first teeth etc so it's been nice having that.

It's so gorgeous outside today with temps in the upper 80's but I've had this nagging head ache for the past 2 days I would love to just sleep.


  1. I hate to say this now when you have already ordered prints, but have you checked out Blurb books? You can make the book on the computer with their software. It's faster than scrapbooking and the books look really professional. I've made one a year to sum everything up for the past two years (but still make prints to have those too), and I've been putting Eliot's monthly letters in one for him. You probably have too much time invested in your photobook to want to start over or do something different than you did for Kingston.... But they're pretty cool!


  2. That is definitely an idea. Westons baby book isnt very detailed like kingston's was month to month so I've just been writing letters each month in a mommy journal to make up for it. Thanks for posting that.