Apr 4, 2011

Dreams and Goals

Guess this doesn't really work if I don't blog on the weekends...

day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have - at 24 I've accomplished a lot of my goals, getting married, kids, homeowner (even though were trying to sell) and this year we were able to set aside the amount we always wanted to have in our savings and are debt free. I think eventually I'd like to be settled in the house we will consider our "home" and I'd like to get back into being more involved in full time ministry but I know that day will come. I just want to be the best wife and mother I can be, maybe my dreams are small in comparison to what others might have but they mean the world to me.

day 19- nicknames you have and why you have them - Growing up my dad always called me his "boo-boo baby" and I'm really not sure why. "weesheart" is kingston's way of calling me sweetheart. And then the majority of my friends just call me "Les". 

I feel like a lot was accomplished this weekend. First off, I joined the rest of the world and finally got a smart phone :) Ben and I always joke how we get the latest technology years later but hey at least we get it at some point. Ben got me a Droid X and I really like it! 
We got the kids their new car seats.

Rearranged our bedroom and pulled our summer clothes from the attic and sent the winter clothes back up. I always love that time of year! I ordered the video monitor so I think we will put Kingston back in the nursery with Weston soon.
I also sold 8 of my AIO cloth diapers, 9 of my covers, all my fleece liners and snappis. All that is left are my prefolds which I wouldn't mind hanging on to in case I do ever cloth diaper another baby.

So it was a good weekend and the sun is shining today with warm temps on the way!


  1. Sounds like you are a busy bee! Cute car seats! I am sure since these were taken in your house, you didn't do it for the pictures, but make sure those chest clips are at arm pit level once in the car. :o) Cute kiddos too!