Apr 6, 2011


day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy - Ha I even downloaded the app of all their locations on my phone. I'm a dork :)

The house is spotless. Good grief I never realized how much dirt we had everywhere! Floors, walls, cabinets, light fixtures, ceiling fans. I found little handprints and crayon just about everywhere. Anyway, it's done and hopefully I wont have to clean that much every time someone comes to see our house.

I've got my niece today which makes Kingston very happy :) Eliminating the dyes in his food has made a dramatic difference in his behavior. Even I don't believe it. He still has tantrums but not the full on snot flying, feet kicking, throwing himself to floor episodes. I feel like I can actually get through to him when he is having one instead of just waiting for him to calm down on his own. Also, I can only think of 2 in the last week when he normally has a few a day. He also seems a lot more calm. At the park the other day he just sat and played in the sandbox instead of running from here to there, pushing kids, screaming at the top of his lungs. Listen, he isn't as crazy as this is probably making him sound but sometimes I feel like this is the only side of Kingston that people see because at home he is usually pretty calm and very lovable. He will just come up to me and ask me how I'm doing and hug or kiss me. He really is a sweetie and it's a relief to see that side of him when we are out of the house now :-)

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