Mar 16, 2011


Weston slept 12 hours last night...I'm sure it was from the shots. Still, it was nice!

Around valentines day my sister was involved in an accident with my truck and the boys. She wasn't at fault but there was some damage so today we dropped it off and picked up our rental car. I'm driving a jeep patriot, really miss my 4runner already!

We kinda took a step back from selling our house since we were almost involved in a scam but I truly believe that since we prayed long and hard about this decision God gave me the wisdom to know something was not right. We didn't take it off the market yet and today we have our first showing. It's probably nothing, I don't even know how it would work out but we have completely given this to God and will be thankful even if we have to stay 5 more years. He'll make it work, He always has!

I just feel so thankful lately, especially when you see all the crisis going on around the world. I'm thankful for our family and our health, Ben's job, a roof over our heads in a safe neighborhood and reliable vehicles that are paid off. There isn't much else I could ask for.

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