Mar 3, 2011

Weston is bouncing away in the jumperoo this morning. He is happy but sounds terrible. He has a nasty chesty cough and stuffy nose. Even though he was an easy newborn I'm so glad he's technically not a newborn anymore. I'm just not a fan of that stage. I love 3 month olds and even better 6 month olds! I think the older they get the more fun there is to have. 

Even though Kingston throws tantrums almost daily he's so much fun. He amazes us by how much he is learning and observing. Yesterday we were looking through a book and he was pointing to numbers asking "what number is that?" to me and I would tell him and then he would say "good job". I decided to see if he would notice if I called out the wrong number and sure enough he did and corrected me.

Everything is different this time around. I think with your first you are so concerned with doing everything perfect (at least I was). I was dead set on nursing and thought disposable diapers were really gross. I'd be shocked if I knew the type of mom I'd be the second time around back then. Weston doesn't like his cloth diapers, and I personally don't feel like doing it anymore. Between the two of them someone is always wanting to be fed, needs to be changed or needs to use the potty, wants to play, needs to nap etc. And so adding a couple loads of laundry to my week, extra diaper changes and a lot more to pack in the diaper bag is just not happening.

Yesterday was a bad day for kingston and his potty training, but I've been telling myself it's going to take months and so I'm not worried about it.

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