Mar 4, 2011

Selling our home

Our condo was listed for sale today along with a sign outside the community and a lock box on the door. This of course does not mean much since there is a lot that still needs to happen with the bank, and finding a buyer. So for the next few months (or however long it takes) while we wait for a buyer I have to have the house in immaculate showing condition and available to pack everyone up and leave at a half hour's notice. Thats enough to make me a little nuts.

There isn't much else going on today, just cleaning and taking care of the kids. Weston still sounds bad and coughed most the night but fortunately didn't wake up. He didn't have a fever today but I don't like the way he sounds. Still, I'm sure that if I do go through the hassle of bringing him in to the doctor I'd have to take kingston which proved to be a bad idea when we went for his 2 month well visit and I'm sure they'd just say it's a virus that needs to run it's course. 

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