Mar 15, 2011

4 months

Luckily the rest of my day was cancelled. My doctor had a delivery and practice was cancelled.

Weston is doing well and meeting all his milestones. He seems to be doing fine after his shots.

14.8 pounds (50th percentile)
25 inches (50th percentile)
43cm for his head (75th percentile)

Poor Kingston has strep throat though. He still hasn't eaten yet today so I picked him up a smoothie, and some gatoraid and I'm about to dope them both up on tylenol. I'm gonna have Ben get toy story on the way home and snuggle up with them on the couch.

Look how sweet they are!


  1. Aaww poor babies! Praying that Kingston gets better soon!!!! Especially before Friday...LOL!

  2. They are so cute together!

  3. Don't worry shelly he wont be contagious! I asked :)

    Thanks Katy! I knew kingston would be great with him.