Mar 15, 2011

I've got a few minutes before Weston wakes up for the day and then it's going to get busy.

I have his well visit at 11:30 but yesterday I caught kingston with something in his mouth. I could tell it was metal from across the room b/c I heard it hitting his teeth. I told him to spit it out as I ran over to him but he swallowed it really quickly. When I asked him what it was he said "money!!". So I called ellie just to be sure it was okay and she assured me it was and to just watch him but this morning he came down with a fever of 100.6...mild but still he isn't eating breakfast either which is very unlike him. That is his biggest meal of the day so I decided to have him checked out too which should be intense to say the least. The kid would rather have shots than get his weight or temp checked. God give me strength!

I planned to meet my mom for lunch and then this afternoon I have a doctors appointment for myself that I'm hoping I have a sitter for and then practice tonight.

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