Mar 9, 2011

It's 10:30 and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet...we had an eventful morning. I guess Kingston is having some stomach issues and since I didn't get up with him right away he managed to get "mess" all over his room and I do mean ALL over. So I put him in the shower, managed to get most of it cleaned and get him all cleaned up but all his screaming woke up Weston. 
Whenever we do finally get out of this condo I'll be so glad b/c no one can be upstairs for 6 hours out of the day that Weston is napping since he wakes so easily, so the bathroom, my room and laundry are off limits which makes it really hard to get much done.

I was supposed to go to the prayer room this morning but it's just not happening. Not sure it will anymore. I feel pretty overwhelmed with the simple fact that I have two kids now. I know in a few months/years it will get a little easier. I constantly remind myself that this is just a season, that my dreams are not gone just put on hold for a little while.

Kingston sure cracks us up though. Every morning when we come downstairs for the day the first thing he does is pour himself a cup of coffee from his little kitchen. haha I think he's picking up on something. On more than one occasion I've found him upstairs sternly telling george (his monkey) to go night night. Yesterday he was playing with his doll and said "good job baby, your so smart". I'm not sure what the baby did but it's interesting and also sometimes scary to see how much they are watching you to learn what they are supposed to say and do. 


  1. I'm in awe of all things you do with 2 little ones! You are an amazing mama and maybe this season is just for you to enjoy your boys while they are little :) I can't imagine still working at the church right now with the way Ronin is into EVERYTHING and wants to constantly play outside, watch Brobee, eat, etc. Imagine him & King in the trailer...they would probably drive us nuts! LOL! Hope you were able to get your cup of coffee ;)

  2. Thanks Shelly and yes I did get a cup of coffee! We should still get them together sometimes though. I miss you guys! Kingston loves playing outside so we should definitely take them to the park soon!

  3. I do miss everyone there too...we should pop in more often to say hello. And I agree...we should definitely get them together...hopefully this rainy weather won't stay too long and we can take them to the park :)