Mar 30, 2011

Family Photo

day 14- a picture of you and your family - This kind of makes me frustrated since we don't have any family pictures yet. Kingston is anti-pictures right now so I haven't had any done of him in a long time. This is going to happen soon though! Here is one we recently snapped at the zoo but of course were missing Ben

Would it be strange to get Weston's hair cut already? He has more hair than kingston did at a year old and it's really starting to look silly. I was gonna wait until he was 6 months but it's kind of getting out of control.

Ben won a free vacation at work this year and we have been trying to figure out where to go and I haven't really felt like planning it. We were set on taking a trip to Philly. I thought kingston would have a blast at sesame place, the zoo, aquarium and museums but then we were out to dinner one night and as kingston was having a tantrum I pictured that happening the entire time we'd be on vacation. It would mainly be for him and I'm not sure he's old enough to appreciate it yet. So we're going to save that for next year when Weston can enjoy it too. We decided instead to do a vacation to myrtle beach with my family. I'm really excited to just relax and have extra hands with the kids. Plus we had a blast a few years ago when we all went to Florida together. I spent hours yesterday trying to find a good hotel with a water park, good reviews, north beach etc. and finally settled on one which we all booked last night. So on our 5 year wedding anniversary (june 3rd) we'll be driving to SC for 5 days. Now I have something to look forward to :)

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