Mar 18, 2011

day 2- the meaning behind your blog name: Simple, I love my kingston! I should really change it since I now have two rotten boys but don't want to confuse anyone. You all know I love my weston too right? :)

Yesterday was interesting. Kingston got what I assume is a 24 hour stomach bug. I think it's probably his 3rd or 4th one. Other than the strep throat this week and one ear infection this is the only thing that Kingston ever gets as far as getting sick so I'm sort of used to dealing with it. I didn't even know he was sick yesterday until a few hours after he had been up when I went in his room and found vomit all over the place. Then he refused to eat the whole day with a mild fever or 101 and threw up any time he would drink. Thankfully he feels better today and has learned how to throw up in the toilet. He also had diarrhea and boy am I glad he's potty trained!! He hasn't had an accident in 3 days now. I really wanted to take them to the zoo today since it's supposed to be gorgeous out.

I called both carseat companies and they want me to replace the seats from the accident. Of course they do, but were having the insurance company of the lady at fault pay for them. It's probably a good thing because I wanted to move kingston into a booster (with a 5-point harness...don't worry!) and then Weston probably really needs the graco seat that goes to 30 pounds. I'd like to keep him in an infant carrier as long as possible b/c it makes it easier for naps while were out.

Anyway, I've got to shop for seats this weekend, groceries, we have a wedding on Saturday, picnic and church on Sunday.

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