Mar 29, 2011

3rd day

day 13- a letter to someone - well this wont be sentimental or anything...
Dear CHKD,
Thanks for taking such good care of Weston when we visited you last  month and thank you for offering us 20% off when we paid our copay in full the day we were seen but why are you now sending us a bill for the $30 you discounted us? Please get your billing straight. Thanks!

Not sure what else could make me feel better then getting praised for every little thing I do. Wether it's making the bed, vacuuming the floors or even using the bathroom I'm always told "good job mommy" or "your so smart, I'm proud of you". 

Weston had another good night of sleep. That makes it three days. Isn't the general rule that something will stick? I'm sure hope!

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