Mar 8, 2011

Both boys are sleeping for now and I thought I'd get on while it lasts.

We've had a good day so far. Spent the morning at the whisper room. For the first time outside the house Kingston let me know 3 different times he had to use the potty which was huge b/c normally I just take him periodically or watch for signs he has to go.

After the prayer room I debated weather or not I was brave enough to go to target today. I used to go to target 3 or 4 times weekly or whenever I could find an excuse to go but  not lately. Ben was kind enough to clean the parts to our vacuum last week but accidentally threw them out so our floor is in serious need of a good vacuum and it's making me a little crazy so I thought target might have one. Nope...

I looked around for some more summer clothes for kingston but I don't like what there is for little boys, especially for swim trunks and shoes...I don't know. I did find a swimsuit for myself which was kind of a relief since I was dreading that.

The house smells nice b/c I've had dinner in the crockpot all day.

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