Feb 17, 2011

What a week!!

Kingston is the only one who didn't see the doctor/ER and it's only thursday. But everyone is okay...and I really don't feel like blogging about it...but I will say that I'm so thankful for health insurance even though we found out our ER deductible went up by $100 this year :( Still I'm thankful!! Seeing an infant car seat on a stretcher with an oxygen tank on our way out really put things into perspective and made me thankful we were leaving the ER with our baby!!

Kingston continues to do great with his potty training...I'd say he's completely trained in the house but it's hit or miss when were out running errands.

I'm trying to figure everything out right now....if I should keep pushing myself to do ministry as much as I do or if I am not doing enough and am just being lazy. I'm hoping this week is going to be the start of me feeling better and having a better handle on things.

The beautiful weather sure does help!

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