Feb 11, 2011

I think it's funny how different my boys are...and I was thinking about it last night

Kingston is very predictable and loves a schedule. He is an excellent sleeper and 100% mama's boy and didn't even say "dada" until he was over a year while he had "mama" down long before :) but he also has a very strong will and loves to fight over just about everything down to the cup he drinks from or the socks he wears. It has always been a battle.. since the day he was born I knew he was independent. I'll be the first to admit he's no angel but I can usually get him to calm down since I know him so well I know how to word things in a way that wont upset him.

Weston is the definition of "the irregular baby". He refuses a schedule no matter how consistent I am. Even the amount of formula he wants is different every day. He is a "good" sleeper but not great. And naps...well it just depends on the day if he'll take them or not. One day he'll prefer the crib, the next it will be the swing and the next the only way I'll get him to nap will be like this...
But when he is awake, he's happy and content and just the sweetest little thing ever. And he doesn't even cry for naps but just lays awake for an hour babbling. He is completely a daddy's boy...I can sometimes get a smile out of him but he lights up for Ben. I love them both so much for all their special little quirks. Kingston and I have a special bond b/c he's our first and I know that we'll have a 3rd baby some day a loooooong ways away so Weston will be my middle child and since I was a middle child I feel we'll have that in common and I'll relate to him in that area.

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