Jan 17, 2011

Hey Hey!

Guess I've been updating about once a month lately. I'll try to be more consistent. It's just been busy around here but now that we've got baby boy on a schedule and sleeping through the night I feel like I have a better handle on things...yes I did say sleeping through the night.

He beat his brother and started sleeping 8 hours at only 6 weeks. It was 12 weeks for Kingston but he was breastfed...oh yea I'm not breastfeeding either. I knew it wasn't working early on and am glad I didn't force it this time.

Tomorrow I have Weston's 2 month checkup. I'm anxious to see how much he weighs since he is so much bigger than Kingston was.

I don't think I posted Kingston's stats for his 2 year visit. I believe he was 27lbs and 34 inches.

I'm glad I write this stuff down!!

And a few recent pictures of my little heartbreakers...

Terrible Two's...

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