Oct 18, 2010

I got up and did a lot of cleaning this morning, but now that I've sat down I lost my motivation so I thought I'd update the blog real quick.

Saturday was my baby shower. I thought it went really well and felt really blessed that my mom and Lisa did that for us :) It made my "to-buy" list a lot shorter. Sunday we did a lot of work around the house. Got Weston's letters hung up in the nursery, all the shower gifts put away and the crib returned to the highest setting.

Tomorrow is my 34 week appointment. Yesterday I felt miserable and thought I had officially reached that point but today I'm feeling a little better. My current complaints are the contractions, sciatica and insane heart burn but what is 6 more weeks right?

The next event is Kingston's 2nd birthday party that I'm planning for mid november and then we wait for Weston to make is arrival and pray he isn't stubborn like his brother and comes late.

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