Oct 6, 2010

32 weeks along now...or 56 days. Holy cow it's coming quick. Some times I'm still in disbelief were doing this all over again.

Despite all the flooding we had last week that made it's way into our living room were still getting quite a bit accomplished around the house. One good thing about having an association is that they are responsible for the damage and so my house is torn apart this week but not on our dime.

This month we are not half as busy and I think it may be playing a role in Kingston's behavior b/c over the last week since Ben has been home more he has been so much more happy and obedient.

Our good friends Danny & Shelly are taking some maternity pictures of us this Sunday. Hoping kingston cooperates..he isn't a fan of doing things he knows we want him to do.

Next Saturday my mom and Lisa are throwing me a baby "sprinkle". I'm just thankful people are wanting to celebrate baby Weston with us because we are really excited. There isn't a ton we need but sometimes time means more than any gift.

Here are a few pictures of this month so far. Hoping we'll have plenty more b/c I want to find some fun things to bake and craft with my boy.

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