Sep 14, 2010

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. I don't feel old at all and certainly not old enough to have been married 4+ years with almost two kids. Seems weird.

It's been a great month so far. I kind of wish I was due sooner b/c I'd love to get out and enjoy the fall and not feel so pregnant. I had some contractions last night. Not painful but definitely annoying and uncomfortable...they have stopped today. I hope thats a sign he'll come a little early.

I think kingston may be a sleep walker. Every night when I get up for a bathroom break I find him on the floor and put him back in bed. Last week I thought I had gone crazy because I didn't see him anywhere in his room. After a few minutes of looking for him I woke up Ben to help me find him. I was terrified I was going to find him at the bottom of our stairs. We looked downstairs, in the closets, behind furniture until finally Ben lifted up the toddler bed and we found a sleeping kingston up against his wall. It amazes me he even fit under there b/c it took the two of us to get him out. He never woke up through the whole ordeal.

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