Aug 17, 2010

Well I can officially say the transition to the toddler bed is over. First week went well, then the second week he was getting up at 6am and taking only 1 hour naps. We were all exhausted and cranky that week. We are now able to lay him in bed awake, and if he does get up at 6am he gets back in bed on his own and sleeps till 8am and we are back to 2.5-3 hour naps.

I had my 25 week appt this morning. Baby's heart rate was 138 bpm, I've gained 13 pounds and get to do the lovely glucose test next time. I'm feeling great other than my ears are constantly plugged. Can't believe I'm almost in the 3rd trimester!

Here is a video I took on my phone of Weston kicking :)

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