Jul 19, 2010

We made our first purchase for mr Weston this past weekend. Well it's for both the boys but we got our double stroller. I don't ever want to look/research another stroller again. In the end I found something that just wouldn't work on almost every stroller so I had to stop being so picky. I wasn't crazy about the seating on the Phil&Teds stroller but I was crazy about how compact it is and with me being so short that is a definite plus so I'd been browsing craigs list for a few months and hadn't found one under $500. I posted a "wanted" ad and the very next day got an email from a lady with the exact color and price range I was looking for. Anyway enough about this darn stroller, we got it and I'm glad to have that out of the way.

We get our 20 (well 21) week ultrasound tomorrow. I would have been going nuts if we didn't get that 3d one earlier not knowing what were having.

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  1. That looks like a great stroller! I never see one for sale in my area! You are lucky! :o)