Jul 7, 2010

Kingston did great the trip to PA and the trip back.
Everyone disagree's but we didn't think he was very well behaved while we were there visiting with family. I think I forget sometimes that he is 18 months old and I expect a little too much from him. Maybe it's my fault I put him in situations that he just can't handle right now. The past few days I've avoided them and it's made for a much happier less stressed mommy.

I'm feeling so good lately though. I'm sleeping well, eating well, keeping my house up and feeling a lot more optimistic about everything. Were still stumped when it comes to giving this child a middle name though. A few thoughts have been Weston Lucas, Weston Daniel or Weston Samuel but I'm just not sold on any of them. We still have another 21 weeks though.


  1. I like Weston Lucas! Lucas was a name I was considering for a boy. :) I like the shared "s" sound, though Weston Samuel works in the same way. I'm weird with phonetics with names. We're thinking of Elliott Thomas for a boy, and while I'm not in love with the name Thomas by itself, I think it is awesome with Elliott for the "t" sound. Plus, it is Chris's grandmother's maiden name.

  2. I like that name! Boy names seem to be easy...at least for me. We found girl names to be impossible but I guess we didn't even need one haha maybe thats why it was so hard. Did you decide about doing the 3d ultrasound?

  3. I really would like to do an ultrasound before 21 weeks, but going back to Chesapeake for it might end up coming to close to the same due to gas. Sooo, either I'll just cough up the $150 for a regular ultrasound at my next appointment in three weeks or wait seven weeks til 21. In the end, I'll probably just wait because calling to change things around takes effort and I'll convince myself to save some money that way. Ha. Chris wants me to go ahead and schedule the ultrasound at my next appointment, but I know he won't remember to remind me to call. And I can only see dollar signs.

    I wish a place around town in Lynchburg would do it for cheap! Arg! There's Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center, but they're like a clinic for people who can't afford health care. My health insurance sucks, but I can afford to pay extra. I don't want to take someone else's spot who actually needs it, you know?

    Long answer for, "not sure." Ha.