Jul 1, 2010

I can't believe Kingston is the same kid anymore. He went from being underweight and off the charts to averaging in the 50th percentile in just a year. He is 26 pounds, 32 inches and a size 7 shoe.

It's funny when we take him to the mall play place. All the kids try to talk to him not realizing he's still just a baby and can't talk back.

We took him for a hair cut last night. I prayed ahead of time b/c it's usually pretty traumatic. A sucker, ice cream, caprisun and gummy snacks did the trick. I don't normally overload him with all that sugar but I didn't want to deal with a melt down again. He handles shots better than hair cuts.

Were going to Pennsylvania this weekend for a big family reunion/50th wedding anniversary for my grandparents. I'm nervous about the 6 hour drive with him. We've never done a road trip and he already doesn't like the car for more than 10 minutes. I just hope we have good time and aren't completely worn out and needing a vacation after our "vacation".

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