Jun 4, 2010

I've looked at a lot of double strollers...read a lot of reviews too. I've decided I want this one!

We were at Old Navy the other day and I saw this couple with it. It looked so small and lightweight (only 21lbs) and the man pushing it looked like he was having to hunch down a bit to push which is a plus for me since I'm so short. Now to find the money to purchase it haha!

I'm going to come up with a different name for this blog so I can blog about both the kids (that sounds crazy) on here.

Oh and were finding out the sex of the baby on June 19th! I get to find out a whole month early this time because were going here and my whole family is coming too.


  1. June 19th is so close!!

    My insurance will only cover two ultrasounds, one at 10 weeks (next week!) and one at 22 weeks. But I want to know soooooner than 22 weeks if I can! At my doctor, it'd be $150 for an extra ultrasound. I'll see if I can find a place like that around here--it's half the price. Plus, I'll be 18 weeks around my birthday (July 23). All I want for my birthday is to at least to try to know what we're having. :)

  2. I'll only be 16 1/2 weeks by then which is what most places like that can determine the gender by. My doc does one each trimester but we didn't do this with king b/c I thought all places charged almost $200. I was glad to know they didn't. Maybe you could just drive down for the weekend. This place I'm going to is right on battlefield and does weekend and evening appts and only needs a weeks notice.

  3. I'll probably do that! At 16 weeks, I have two week-long residential classes I have to take here in Lynchburg, so I'll need to wait just a little longer. And maybe I'll go ahead and get the 3D. My doctor charges $300 for 3D ultrasounds opposed to that place charging $100. Geeez! I know TCC does 3D ones for free, but I don't know if they'd tell me the gender since I read that they won't give medical info based on the ultrasound.

  4. TCC said not to even call until 20 weeks so that was out for me but if you want to get a 3d done later it would be a good option. I would call them when your close to 20 weeks b/c I was too late with kingston.

  5. Awwwwww...so happy for you. Your happiness truly emanates right through and I can actually feel all the emotion and happiness you fell. My blessings to you and your growing family.