Jun 21, 2010

I was going through my old blog this afternoon. Kingston has been sleeping for 3 hours so I've been bored. I blogged all through my pregnancy and Kingston's first year. Then things got weird and I had to make it private. I would still like to weed through some of the posts and actually print out parts of that blog b/c there are some pretty special details I know I didn't put in his baby book. But then thats just one more keepsake I'll have and I'm sure with me having boys they probably wont even care about these things. For Kingston I did a maternity book, baby book and an album full of photos from his first year. I've got a "belly book" I've started for Weston and plan to do the others. Maybe this blog will just be for me. I guess I can't hang on to every detail.

And there is something about that glider we have. I remember rocking in it every day wondering what it would be like to hold Kingston in his room and I've been doing it again recently thinking about rocking little Weston *sniff* and how we'll need to get him some letters that spell out his name and how I'm going to get to go through all of Kingston's clothes and not feel sad that he's not that tiny anymore but happy that I'm getting a new little person to wear them all over again.


  1. You already have the -STON!

  2. Your comment about the clothes is what I am feeling too. It won't be long before I need to get them out. Cole will be here before I know it.