Jun 14, 2010

For months I've been trying to get kingston to pee on his potty. I would catch him starting to go and put him on real quick and he would just stop and hold it until I let him get off. So...I've just been trying and trying. I don't really know when I want to potty train but I wanted him to at least know that it wasn't just another fun thing to sit on and that it actually had a purpose.

Saturday night I knew he had to go but every time I'd put him on he would hold it until I don't think he could anymore. The 3rd time I put him on he finally went! We made a huge deal out of it and gave him a cookie. I think he was confused by the whole thing.

So I don't think he is actually ready to be potty trained, and I don't think I'm ready to do it but maybe in a few months we'll try. I'm not really worried about having 2 in diapers other than the fact that I'll be washing a lot of diapers. His doctor said not to be surprised if he is close to 3 before he's trained and to expect him to regress once the baby comes.

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