Jun 8, 2010

18 months

Can't believe it...my little boy is 18 months. Pretty soon he'll be two and I'll have two of them!! ahhhh

His doctors appointment went well. Kingston doesn't like strangers but loves his doctor. He wouldn't stop talking to him and even wanted to sit on his lap lol apparently he's larger than a lot of kids but I'm just thrilled about it especially since I worried all of last year about him being underweight. He's in the 50th percentile for weight and height and meeting all his milestones.

I was so thankful the doctor spotted those demon teeth that are taking their precious time cutting through and that my child isn't just a little terror. geeze the past few days have been challenging but today he has been smiling :)

I got his new diapers tonight. They are very cute and fit nice. He had one on for about an hour and so far so good but I'll be able to critique them better tomorrow when he's worn them longer. They sent 3 purple ones, if this baby in my belly isn't a girl I think I'll see if someone wants to trade.


  1. You'll have to write a review for the kawaii diapers once you get used to them! Chris and I are thinking of doing cloth diapers, but he is worried that he won't be able to handle them. :)

    p.s. Did you know that "kawaii" is Japanese for "cute"? Yep!

  2. So far I love the fit and they seem to be absorbing well.

    If your going to breastfeed (this might be graphic) their poop is basically liquid and it doesn't smell so in the beginning it's easy b/c you don't HAVE to rinse the diaper it can just go right in the diaper pail and it washes right out. It only gets trickier when they start eating food. But diaper sprayers are great....and when it's your own kid it's really not bad. I never even think about it being gross b/c I'm so used to it.

    If you need any info let me know...it can be overwhelming and I wish I knew more when I started.

  3. i'm so glad he did good at the doctor. G is a terror!