May 13, 2010

Ben bought some black poster board and blacked out kingston's skylights in his room last night. This morning we got an extra 45 minutes of sleep. Kingston seems to be in such a better mood too.

The last 3 days he's been a mean little thing. He'll go up and just smack our dog gracie or throw his sippy cups at me. I hate to say it, but I do not like this age and am really looking forward to him outgrowing it. I know it's normal, but it's also very discouraging.

I bought him some little dinosaurs yesterday because it seems he is already board with the toys he got for his birthday and he hasn't put them down since last night. I think it's time to put up some of his toys and get some new ones.

The babyproofing really was a success though. There has been so much less stress b/c there is nothing he can't really play with in the living room now. Should have done that sooner. Now if only I could baby proof the room at church maybe we could actually go.

He is sitting next to me watching sesame street now with his dinosaurs in hand :)

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