May 24, 2010

10am is one of my favorite times of the day (other than nap time) because Sesame Street comes on and Kingston will sit and watch the whole thing. I can usually drink my coffee and get online for a little bit.

The last 3 days he has slept in pretty late. This morning it was 9am before I heard a peep. I was so thankful. Every night I pray that he will sleep in and it's paid off recently.

We had a relaxing weekend with lots of naps. We went to the beach again but didn't stay long since it was overcast and sorta chilly. It was still nice getting out of the house for a bit. Our pool opens this weekend and I'm so excited to have somewhere to take kingston during the day that doesn't involve driving somewhere. I'm kinda nervous about him just jumping in but maybe I can come up with something creative to keep him entertained while I lay out for a bit.

Were going to find out the sex of the baby in a few weeks and I'm excited to redo Kingston's room. Even if were having another little boy I'll have to since his nursery set is discontinued. I was thinking about these sets. I'll include boy and girl versions which have toddler and crib bedding.

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  1. I love the spaceships!! That would make a fun room theme.