Apr 1, 2010

Well I haven't posted in a bit, but for good reason. Kingston fed my laptop coffee a few weeks ago so we were in the process of figuring out if it could be fixed which it couldn't and then deciding which way to go for a new computer. We ended up with a new macbook, so thanks to kingston mommy has a fresh clean new computer!

Kingston's accomplishments today were smearing ranch dressing all over the entry way tile, then immediately after I vacuumed he grabbed his highchair tray that was on the table waiting to be cleaned dumbed it's contents all over the carpet. As I was vacuuming that mess he ran off with a glass and shattered it all over the tile.

On days like today an extra "me" would be nice to at least contain him long enough to get one mess clean. I think he hit a growth spurt b/c I am not used to him being able to reaching onto the countertops or climb onto the couch!

I wouldn't trade that little turd for the world though.

I got his easter basket all ready. I used a beach bucket to stuff everything in, got little sport shaped eggs and filled them with fruit snacks (he's never had fruit snacks so I'm kinda nervous) a chocolate bunny, a stuffed monkey, bath toys and a coloring book. And he's going to look so snazzy in his pinstripe suit with a peach tie haha!

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