Apr 28, 2010

I've been bad about updating this blog. Sorry, we've been busy!

Kingston talks and talks these days. I love it! He has gotten a lot more comfortable around others, he even says "hi" now.

He learned to say his buddy's name "Ronin" although it sounds more like "Ro-wee". Every time we come up with a baby name we sort of like we ask him to say it and what do we get? "Ro-wee". Hmmm

He knows how to open doors now which makes almost everything off limits. He is teaching me patience thats for sure but he just melts my heart the way no one else can.

I know a lot of people have the fear that they wont be able to share themselves or love another child the way they love their first but that thought hasn't even entered my mind. I feel like I have so much love to give that I had actually been looking forward to having another even though this pregnancy was not expected. I look forward to watching kingston bond with his sibling especially since they will be so close in age. I do get nervous about being overwhelmed physically with two little ones but not about being able to love them both the same...and I guess I'm thankful for that.

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  1. You could always name the baby Ro-wee! haha! I love the conversations he has with me in my office, so cute!