Mar 6, 2010

We headed out this morning to run a few errands. Drove 20 minutes to the cloth diaper store which was closed. I really am in need of a wet bag. We got lunch and let Kingston play in the mall play area and then took him to get his second hair cut. Last time we took him to a really cute kids salon just for the experience. They have fun chairs to sit in, toys and videos. He cried at first but then just watched elmo and ate gold big deal. Today we took him to the regular salon since I don't plan on spending $25 every time we get his hair cut and it was traumatic. Kingston screamed and kicked and was trying to dive out of the chair the entire time. I felt so bad for the stylist but how could I just say that was enough when his hair was all screwed up? It's a little uneven in the back, but I applaud her for having a good attitude with us because Kingston was so out of control.

I need to learn how to cut his hair so we don't go through this every 6 weeks.

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