Mar 9, 2010

15 months

I took Kingston for his 15 month well visit today anticipating a huge tantrum as soon as I started to undress him but I was surprised at how well he did. I said a prayer before we left and in the waiting room that peace would come over him and that he wouldn't be scared.

He didn't even cry for his shots. I decided to space them out, 2 today and 2 more in a few weeks because his 12 month visit was so hard on the two of us.

His stats:
Weight - 23lbs. 2oz. - 32nd%
Height - 30 1/4" - 25th%
Head circ. - 48cm - 75%

Nice big head haha


  1. I'm so glad that visit was ok. I hate the ones with shots. I feel like we've been at the doctor so much that G should be a pro.