Feb 8, 2010

Today should be an interesting day. Kingston has his first molar coming in and it's really bothering him. The rest of his gums are very swollen, but for now I can only see the one coming through.

So we are on day 5 of using the gdiapers and it's taking some getting used to. They aren't absorbing very well yet, but I'm giving them time and plenty of washes. The inserts I made are amazing though. I am going to have to make more and make them a little bit bigger but they absorb so well. I normally put disposable on king for overnight but I used my insert last night and he woke up dry! the prefold under my insert was soaked so the fleece is doing it's job and pulling the liquid away from his bum.

Enough about diapers...I want to find something for Kingston and I to do together maybe once a week. I was thinking about going to a reading club at the library or maybe gymboree. If you have any ideas please share!


  1. haha... I looked into the Little Gym in Hickory... it was ridiculous! Like $350 for 4 months or something like that. I am thinking I will take Noah to the park before I do that! I am still thinking about MOPS... I really need to expand my social circle of moms! =D

  2. What about Stroller Strides? I am thinking about that or MOPS... Stroller Strides would be on Mondays at 930am at Ches City Park....http://classes.strollerstrides.net/virginia-beachchesapeake/moreinfo/eb30da941118ae18ad6d79f338999185/23322/chesapeake-city-park/chesapeake-city-park/index.aspx

  3. lol I actually saw that on regis and kelly the other day. I don't know Kingston hates his stroller, and the little gyms are crazy expensive. I want him to be able to run around and interact...it's more for him than me. He's so shy I want him to be comfortable with other poeple/kids.