Feb 12, 2010

I'm kind of stir crazy right now. There is nothing left to clean in this house. I wanted to keep kingston inside all day but I'm bored to death!

We tried co-sleeping last night...yea right! so then we tried having him in a pack and play next to our bed...yea right! eventually at 1am we sent him to his crib and he slept until 9am this morning. I was just worried with his fever being so high last night and his heart seemed to be racing, maybe that part was in my head, and he wanted to be held the entire night so I though sleeping together would be a good idea. I've never been able to "sleep" with that boy in the same room. He tosses and turns so much it drives you crazy.

I haven't had to give him any medicine today b/c his fever keeps dropping and is down to 99.5 right now. 24 hour bug??? I suppose!

He still wont eat, but he is drinking plenty.

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