Feb 4, 2010

Here goes a blog all about Kingston...

So as kingston naps this morning I'll update. I have been mentioning on my other blog which is open to invited readers only (give me your email and I'll add you) that we are making the switch to gdiapers. I've wanted to do this for a while because I hate the bulk of my bummis wraps over chinese prefolds. I should receive the sweet bundle today.

Then yesterday I got to thinking about inserts/cloth that goes inside and found some helpful tutorials that look so simple. I cut out the fleece last night from old blankets and were heading to walmart this afternoon for the rest.

I'll post pics of my gbaby's cute little bum tomorrow.

On a side note...Kingston hit a growth spurt and is now 30 1/4" long! Go Kingston!


  1. awe! Go Kingston! He's only 1" shorter than Grayson now :-)

  2. Way to go Kingston! Good luck with the gDiapers... i hear good things.

  3. Gdiapers are so cute. I was looking into those and also a similar product by Grobaby. I mean, we're not even "trying" yet, but it's fun still to explore. :) I can't wait to hear how they work for you.

  4. justine I've already added you..you should be able to see my blog if your logged in to blogger :)