Oct 8, 2014

Always good

It's one thing to know you're blessed and that you should be happy, but to actually feel it bubbling up inside of you...does not always come naturally to some people
Life can sometimes look really good, but if you can't grab hold of it...well then it can end up just causing more hurt

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Recently I have finally gotten back to the place where I not only know His goodness but I feel it too..

Always faithful, always good

Oct 5, 2014


Ben and I just got back Wednesday evening after spending four days together in vegas at a State Farm convention for his work.

When we got there, the airport was filled with State Farm banners, the cabs had their logo...it was State Farm week in Vegas!

I didn't really know what to expect before we left but I did know I would be able to sleep in, not have to cook our clean and actually have some alone time with Ben, so I was really looking forward to it.
Vegas has never been a place I've dreamed about visiting, but I am glad we saw and experienced it and had our fill. And I mean, what mother of three would turn down an all expenses paid vacation anywhere?

We stayed at the Paris hotel. It was really beautiful! We ate out, walked the strip, did a little gambling, talked, laid by the pool...

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Finally...food πŸ™Œ πŸΊπŸ•

Another cool thing about the trip was getting to see Bon Jovi...He played just for state farm!

It was more than just a break for the two of us though. Ben has been going through this internship for months now. (I can't remember if I've blogged about his new job, but he will be opening up his own state farm office in January 2015) He's always telling me stuff about the company. He's home a week, gone a week, working in an office, working from home. I've tried to take in as much as I can but mostly just trusting him that this is a good opportunity and also trusting State Farm that my husband can run a business ;)

I decided to go to some of the business sessions while we were there and I was completely blown away and just in awe of this opportunity God has given Ben. It gave me confidence and even got me excited about what this could potentially mean for our family's future. Every person I met was so encouraging and genuinely seemed like they enjoy their business.

We always felt blessed at his previous job, but this feels different. It felt like a family, so many of the people are open about their faith, most of the wives seemed like great friends. Ben's sales leader has taken us to dinner and hugs me every time I see him. I took so much more from this trip than I expected...
Ben and I were able to reconnect and for the first time, really get on the same page in this new chapter in our lives.
I am so incredibly proud of Ben, so thankful for each door opened throughout this year and completely trusting that this is right where God wants us right now...

Sep 10, 2014

My First 5K

This past weekend, my best friend and I ran our very first 5k race..

I was pretty nervous since we had never run together, the obvious height difference which I thought could be an issue since she would have a longer stride..

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - This is it. Don't get scared now

But on the day of the race, it worked out just fine. We kept a consistent pace that was comfortable for the both us and ended up being pretty compatible.
It just so happened to be one of the hottest days this whole summer. I would have liked to have done a little better because I have had better time than I did that day, but considering the heat and how nauseous I felt, I was just happy to have finished and not last! I don't know our official time but I think we finished at 36 minutes

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Woohoo we weren't last either 😜

This is honestly something I never saw myself doing but I'm in love with running. Something about completely wearing yourself out is the best form of relaxation, meeting goals and setting new ones. I have "bad runs" but it only motivates me to get out there and push myself harder. I'm always anxious to do better and slowly I am.

So thankful to have found something I love doing, thats just for me but at the same time getting to share it with my best friend. Can't wait to see how we do on the next one!

Sep 2, 2014

The first day..

No tears shed this morning
Nothing but peace and excitement
An answer to countless prayers...

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Aug 26, 2014

Be a light

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I don't even know where to begin - Next week I will watch you take off on a school bus and you'll have your first day of school. You're nothing but excited and I'm right there with you.

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Our five and half years of spending nearly every morning and afternoon together are coming to an end and you're beginning a new chapter. I wouldn't trade those days for anything. Day to day life will change and probably move at a faster pace but I am so grateful for all the time I've gotten with you.

I feel like it was only moments ago that I held you in that hospital room. Just me and newborn you, alone for a little while and for the first time I felt the weight of the responsibility entrusted to me for your life.
Fear and feelings of inadequacy swept over me and I had no idea what I was doing but there we were and we've figured it out so far..
I've prayed for guidance and wisdom nearly every day as your dad and I have watched you grow and tried our best to shape you into the sweet little boy you are now.

I've wrestled with the thought of you going to school. When would be the right time, if we should have done preschool, which school zone or even if I should home school you and all along the time was never right and you weren't ready.
I can only hope that God led us to this point and He is placing you right where you're supposed to be this year...

Be brave, be yourself, and be a light in the darkness, baby

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Jul 25, 2014

The little things

Heyyy fridaaaay

Five randoms from a pretty good week...

O N E / / Vegetarian
After my trip to Michigan in May, I came home so completely sick from all the eating out we had done for a week that I decided to fast from any meat for a while. And since I've never been in the habit of making multiple meals, I decided no one would eat meat. That basically turned into two months and we still haven't looked back. We typically eat better than this but we have those nights..

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Fiesta salads and fries for dinner

T W O / / Pink Floyd
The floyd child that wears pink.
This little girlie of mine...gosh
All of us are just head over heals. Even Weston, who can sometimes give her the cold shoulder, cannot help himself when she's all dressed up. Also, she is quite aware of how cute she is and uses it to her advantage.

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - When she goes to bed, I miss her πŸ’– #latergram

T H R E E / / Slow mornings
A nice 3 mile run first thing in the morning to beat the heat. My music, cool breeze and an occasional prayer when I have the breath. Seriously is like medicine to me.  And then coffee and cartoons with mah bebes. I'm going to miss our slow mornings come fall

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Holy 90% humidity on my run this morning. Cooled down now and finally...coffee ☕️

F O U R // Haircuts
My boys got their hairs did this week. Can you even? 

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd

F I V E / / Beach
Beach days with my best friend, husband and the kiddos. Any day the sun is shining, we're there

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Favorite place with my favorite people πŸ’–

Put all those things together in one week and I really can't ask for much else!

life rearranged

Jul 17, 2014

bear with me

Ben left Monday for a week of training in Charlottesville. Surprisingly, I'm holding down the fort pretty well. I've managed to exercise with three kids in tow nearly every day. The kids can ride two miles on their bikes which is pretty impressive and I managed to do a decent run pushing a graco stroller.

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - Kids did 2 miles with me today!

We've maintained a good flow, ran errands, kept the house in shape and I read a new book this week called "Loving your kids on purpose". I might share on that later because it had some interesting points.
Weston had his first dentist appointment and completely rocked it! And thank the good Lord he doesn't have any cavities because Kingston has more cavities than healthy teeth. I'm kidding but it sure feels that way..

Instagram media by lesleylfloyd - This guy rocked his first dentist appointment today. No cavities either!!!

But of all weeks to have some poor weather, it had to be this week. I might have plopped the kids in front of the wii more than I'd care to admit. Heck I might have even been plopped in front of the wii right along with them. But we lived and today we're heading out to the beach where all our dreams come true...something like that..

I'm trying to get back to blogging and it feels rough
So bear with me while I write ridiculous posts for a while, or forever

Just look at pictures of my kids because they're cute..

Jul 15, 2014

Me time

Growing up, I knew for sure that some day I wanted to be a mom and so when the time came, even with the challenges I had during each pregnancy and nursing and weight gain/loss and all the hard stuff, I loved it 
It was what I felt in my being, God had created me for
But each and every day that I have dug down and given away pieces of myself to serve my husband and my kid's needs, without ever finding ways to fill myself back up 
Over the years it had finally taken it's toll on me and in the first few months of this year I found myself have panic attacks and even spacing out for minutes at a time..walking into a room and forgetting where I was or why I went in there...I felt like a zombie going through the motions 

And then one day about two months ago.. I spontaneously decided I wanted to go out for a run..
Out of the blue and in the middle of the day
I told Ben I was going
I don't have the best record of sticking to any sort of exercise program but I have gone every other day since

#RunHappy-Love at First Run @Jenny Brooks Running

Thats all it took and I've been hooked ever since..
I'm sure I could stand to lose a little weight, but that hasn't been my motivation
What keeps me going is the freedom I feel when I'm running
My head is clear and I can think
As strange as it sounds, I feel like a human

Instagram photo by lesleylfloyd - nice 3 mile run this morning despite having issues with my apps 😊

I love my role but it's so easy to get lost in the laundry and the dishes and constant arguments with unreasonable miniature people
I look forward to my runs, and even get excited the night before about waking up before everyone else and getting out there and "feeling" something
Meeting my goals and pushing myself

LOVE THIS!!! Running is the best therapy!   Sometime, you have to face it and deal with it, but at first, just for a time,   it's really ok to run away from it! :)
Whatever it is that you enjoy...I encourage you to take the time for yourself and do it!
Even if you don't know what it is
I never imagined I would enjoy running but just give something a shot
I didn't think I needed to and for so many years I pushed through each day
I feel like such a better mom and wife and friend now that I'm taking a little time for myself
Everyone wins